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The Sun Interview

It’s Easier Than We Think Ralph Nader On How We Can Change Society

by David Barsamian

“We’ve just got to get off our chairs and show up: to elections, courtrooms, town meetings, marches, rallies. Showing up is half of democracy.”


Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

The Wreck Up Ahead

by Poe Ballantine

“After two decades of wandering the country by bus and living below the poverty line, I’d been unable to find whatever it was I was looking for. My adventures had not supplied me with the artistic depth and raw material for a sensational first novel. I’d bet every last chip on the literary roulette wheel, and the ball had chuckled and hopped around and landed on someone else’s number.”


The Water Song

by Kelly Daniels

“Six years after my father left us, in the summer of 1977, my mother, my younger brother, and I were living in a single-wide trailer in the desert of Wildomar, California. My mother’s sister Anne and Anne’s husband, Gerick, lived with their boys in a double-wide on the same property, ten acres of scrubland my wealthy grandparents had bought as an investment. We must have resembled squatters, but we were there legally. I was ten and would enter the fifth grade that fall.”



Two Moons

by Debbie Urbanski

“The incidents began that winter. Luke slammed his chair against another student, pinning her to the snack table. He refused to let the girl move, even after she began sobbing.”



Alternate History

by Bill Glose

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by Our Readers
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“Freedom isn’t free. It shouldn’t be a bragging point that “Oh, I don’t get involved in politics,” as if that makes you somehow cleaner. No, that makes you derelict of duty in a republic. Liars and panderers in government would have a much harder time of it if so many people didn’t insist on their right to remain ignorant and blindly agreeable.”

Bill Maher


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