Contributors  November 2003 | issue 335

ALYSSA H. AXSOM is a photographer living in Lafayette, Colorado.

Rita Bernstein has been a photographer for more than fifteen years, but she recently took up drawing and painting because she likes being a beginner again. She divides her time between Philadelphia and New York City.

CHRIS BURSK’s poetry was first published in The Sun in 1977; he now has six grandchildren and is the author of a collection of poetry about their imaginary friends (and his) titled The Boy with One Wing, which is his tenth book. His awards include the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award, the Paterson Poetry Prize, and the Green Rose Prize. He lives in Langhorne Manor, Pennsylvania.

James Carroll is a photographer who lives in Manhattan.

MORGAN CAUFIELD died in February 2010 at the age of fifty-four. She worked with developmentally disabled children in Sebastopol, California.

Matt Kollasch is living in Baku, Azerbaijan, where he has become enamored with eating pomegranate seeds and photographing the chairs he comes across on the city’s sidewalks.

Alison Luterman’s new e-memoir Feral City (available through poses the question: Can a woman who is essentially doglike in nature find happiness with a man who is at one with his cats? She lives in Oakland, California.

MORTON MARCUS lives in Santa Cruz, California, and is the author of several books of poetry, including Moments without Names (White Pine) and Shouting Down the Silence (Creative Arts).

JULIE McCARTHY is a freelance photographer living in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. She says that she fully intends to die with camera in hand — just not anytime soon.

SY SAFRANSKY is editor and publisher of The Sun.

JASMINE SKYE is soldiering on through the Twelve Steps in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She's currently working on her first novel and looking for an agent.

Sparrow’s bumper sticker GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE; INSANE MANIACS WITH EASY ACCESS TO ASSAULT WEAPONS KILL PEOPLE will soon be available in stores. He is the author of America: A Prophecy — The Sparrow Reader and the forthcoming This Poem. He lives in Phoenicia, New York.

KERRY ST. OURS is a photographer who lives with her husband and daughter in Huntington, New York.

CORVIN THOMAS lives in San Francisco. As a writer, he takes inspiration from the language of his two children: “I got stung by a pimple,” his two-year-old daughter says; “I smell bacon on the baby wind,” says his four-year-old son.

MARK TOWNSEND lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Photographer NATALIE URMINSKA recently moved from Hawaii to New York City.

ERIN VAN RHEENEN divides her time between California and Costa Rica. She has taught writing at City College of New York and in the San Francisco County Jail. She has a new book titled Living Abroad in Costa Rica (Avalon Travel Publishing).

SUZI Q. VARIN is a photographer, skater, sudoku addict, and late-blooming cook who lives with her husband in the great state of Texas. Her work has been featured in Southern Living, Town and Country, and Exquisite Weddings.

GENIE ZEIGER was a longtime contributor to The Sun who lived in Shelburne, Massachusetts. She died in 2009.

On the Cover

REINHARD GORN is a native of Berlin, Germany. A former social worker, he has made his living from photography since 1982. He teaches and does commercial work to pay the bills, but he prefers to photograph strangers on the streets. It is, he says, his therapy. He took this month's cover photograph in Budapest, Hungary, where he lived for part of 1992. After a summer storm, he went outside with his camera and found a young girl standing in the middle of a flooded road. More of Gorn's work can be seen at